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Splash Art Festival - week after!
10.06.2010 / 00:00
Splash Art Festival - week after!
Hello Everybody,

Splash Art Fest rocked! Thank you all for participating and making it happen! Thanks to Back Loft ( for having us there again and ArtWave for the first time.

I would like to thank all wonderfull artists, who took part in the event. You guys are incredibly talented! Keep it up!!! Also big thanks to our sponsors Barefoot Wine ( and Manna Food (

The most, however, I would like to thank few people, who helped me like hell organising it and were damn patient with me!

Davide Rossi for amazing ArtWave logo.

Bartosz Chmielewski from (creator of this site too) for making

Maciej Rachwaniec for designing poster and leaflets.

Krzysztof Frendorf for printing all posters and leaflets (even too many!!!)

Betty San for getting Manna to sponsor us!

Magda Michalewicz, Justyna Neumueler & Kevin O'Brien for helping me in the Back Loft during the weekend.

Guys you are the best of the best. Thank you for everything!

All the best,


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