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Australia & New Zealand Travels and News in SHOP
18.10.2012 / 22:24
Australia & New Zealand Travels and News in SHOP
Hello Everyone,

First of all please have a look in my newest shop entry. There are links to the online shops where you can buy prints, canvas, calendars and other gadgets with my photos.

As some of you know this Saturday (20th) I'm going to a journey of a lifetime to Australia and New Zealand. I'm going for 5 weeks, so I will not be very active here I'm afraid! I'll be back on 25th November with... hopefully... loads of photos.
So I will be in:
- Dublin
- Dubai
- Singapore
- Melbourne
- Yarra Valley
- Apostoles & Great Ocean Road
- some other places near Melbourne where my fam & friends will drag me ;)
- Sydney
- Blue Mountains
- Brisbane
- Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
- Cairns
- Da Reef
- Green Island
- Alice Springs
- Uluru (that is the peak of epicness in Australia)
- Melbourne
- Auckland
- Rotorua
- Tamaki Maori Village
- MataMata aka The Hobbiton (that is the peak of epicness on Northern Island)
- Bay of Plenty or the Glow Worms Cave (which is better? volcano on the beach or cave with glowing worms' arses?)
- Kaiangaroa Forest
- Rainbow Mountain
- Wai-O-Tapu: Champagne Pool & Lady Knox Geyser, Mud Lake, Aratiatia Rapids, Huka Falls, Honey Hive & Lava Glass
- Taupo
- Wellington
- Queenstown
- Milford Sounds (and more....first of the peaks of epicness in South Island)
- Queenstown to Aoraki/Mount Cook to Christchurch
- Kaikoura & the whales
- Edoras (second!)
- Christchurch
- Melbourne
- Singapore
- Dubai
- Dublin the Fair City

So as you can see I will be a bit busy! And I am quite sure there will be loads of places that I cry now when I google... so... yeah :’)

Those of you who are my friends on Facebook or follow me on Twitter will get loads of updates with photos obviously! My Insagram (schelly_m) followers will get the same.

If you want to follow me on those check:
facebook: MagdaNowackaPhotography
twitter: magdanowacka
instagram: schelly_m

For all other I have decided to create a travel journal and kinda post every day or every few days (depending on time) with updates and photos (not pro, probably iphone or not shopped snaps) and it will be on my tumblr account here:
Follies of Miss Magda

I will post something there about the trip tonight!

Be good & stay creative!


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